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wOuld JesuS Ever uSe mE?

In the village, children born in not-so-perfect families almost had their lives cut out. It was like a sentence passed on a life before a child is even born.

The story of Joseph, son of Jacob, and his brother Judah, is one such story. Joseph, was sold to Egypt, put in prison, employed by Pontifar, put back in prison, then appointed prime minister of Egypt. God used used him to bring salvation to the children of Israel. He was faithful to God all the time. (Genesis 35 onwards)

Judah on the other hand, led the team that sold Joseph to Egypt. He later moved away and married a canaanite, Shuas daughter. She gets first son Er, and two other sons. Er marries Tamar, an israelite lady. He dies early and

Judah's wife dies too. Tamar pretends to be a prostitute so as to get pregnant by her father in law. Judah fathers her twins Perez and Zerah. (Genesis 38 onwards)

Pèrez becomes a forefather of Jesus.

How could God chose Judah and not Joseph?

Not what our rational minds would have chosen.

There are many cases of people in the new testament like Mathew, Saul, Mary Magdalene, who were picked and used by Jesus.

But why Judah and not Joseph? They were from the same family!

Judah went through conversion. When Judah went with his brothers to Egypt and met Joseph, the godly guilt he felt led him to ask for Forgiveness. This also led to his conversion. He later offered himself to be imprisoned in place of his brother Benjamin, because this would kill his father.( Genesis 43)

This conversion and God's grace too made him a good candidate for this precious post.

Rather, how do I profile myself? How is my family profiled?

Do I believe that Jesus can use me mightily even when I come from an imperfect family, or background?

How do I profile the other people in my life?

For those negatively profiled by themselves or by society, if its because of your past, Jesus is waiting for your conversion. He wants to use you mightily. If you are wrongly profiled, then ignore the noise, focus on Jesus and ask Him to use you.

Ask the Holyspirit to multiply your courage, get up and start doing what Jesus is calling you to do TODAY.

Think about it! Man

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