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What Chains Bind You?

The other day, I listened to a testimony from a lady who was addicted to chain smoking. She had smoked from the time she was a teenager. She was now grown up. But she couldn't stop. She wanted to. So she decided to appeal to mother Mary for help. 24 hours before her feast day, she did a 24 hour fast from the cigarette. She was praying and looking at the clock for the time to pass.

After 24 hours, she immediately put her cigarette in her mouth. She couldn't stand the taste. She changed to another, she couldn't stand the taste. Then she realized she had been delivered. She is now free of cigarette addiction.

St. Peter, too, had a similar experience.

Acts 12:7

"Suddenly an angel of the Lord appeared and a light shone in the cell. He tapped Peter on the side and woke him up, saying, “Get up quickly.” And the chains fell off his wrists."

Though Peter had witnessed many miracles from Jesus, he had not imagined that an angel could tap him on the side, causing his chains to fall down. Then the doors of jail open. Then he walks out.

There are people who are physically bound by chains. They could be in jail, or even in peoples houses. There are many in habitual chains. Even though they know the dangers, they cannot stop drinking, smoking, cheating on their spouses, or abusing, and all forms of vileness.

Jesus, at an instant, can send this angel. We can pray and ask. 'Jesus, you did it for Peter. Am your child too. Get rid of these chains.'

We could also ask mother Mary, as the girl did, to appeal to her son on our behalf. We could combine this with a 24 hour fast as in Matthew 17:21."But this kind doesn't go out except by prayer and fasting."

And tell mother, if you did this for this girl, you can do it for me.

Stand by Proverbs 3:5 5Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding;

And experience the freedom. To be free is so much fun!

Give it a try.

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