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The sweetness of The Eucharistic Jesus

Updated: Jul 16, 2019

Eze 47:1-12 The river from the temple of the Lord

Verse 1-2: He brought me in through the south gate, and out through the North gate.

My heart is bursting with the imagination of this temple of the Lord. Jesus is so wonderful. He did not leave us alone. Because He loved us so so much, He gave us the Eucharist. His real Self. To be here with us. Raised up. For all who thirst. For all who want to be filled with untold love. Indescribable love. Deep love, beyond our imagination. We feel it, when we spent time before Him. I remember my kids learning to cycle, or to walk. They start with tricycle; we have to support them because they are scared. Then they experience the joy and freedom that comes when on that bike. And then they want to move faster. Then they want to cycle alone. Then they no longer want to use the tricycle; they want the real bike. Then they learn the thrill of riding, and the stunts, and the joy that comes when we do that. But it's all scary. Every stage. Some choose to be safe. And ride the bike slowly. Imagine a 30 year old on a tricycle!Such is our life. We are called to get in through the south gate. And never go back through that gate. Only out through north gate. On visiting the Eucharist, we can’t be the same ever.

Ezekiel 47:3-5. The water was ankle deep, then knee deep, then water for swimming.

We start moving deeper into the river that flows from the Eucharist. From Jesus. It's scary. But we have seen others do it. The saints who have gone before us. So we trust. And move in. Jump in if you will. Then you are ankle deep. Then knee deep. Then you are swimming and lost in the Lord. You are united with the Lord. Completely. In this state, we can’t do anything without consulting. Because we love to hear His direction. We will Never want to hurt Him. Because we cannot stand to see Him sad. We TRUST Him completely. Even when He says no. We know it's for our own good. We Love Him completely. We look forward to being spotless brides. When He comes for us. So, the world will experience. The fruits of gentleness, and patience, and purity, and detachment, and self-control, and peace, and joy and love, humility, and faithfulness. All flowing from us to the world.

Ezekiel 47:8-9. Water flows into Dead Sea and makes the salty water fresh. All forms of life, animals, fruits, trees, insects, flowers, are found on the banks of the river.

The children of God, all who are made in the image of God, will come and get shelter in us. The distressed, the poor, the foreigners, the refugee, the lonely, the joyful, the lost, the drunkards, and babies, the old. All of them.

Are we ready, like Ezekiel, to put our feet inside the water? Out of our comfort zones. And experience the ecstasy. The excitement. The risk. The thrill. One step after the other. Deeper. Deeper. Until we are swimming in Him.All we search for in this world is happiness. We will not find it in new jobs, or bigger salaries. Or new affair. Or gossip. Or girl’s/boys night out. Or in football.Here, in Jesus, in the Eucharist, we will find the true real, lasting, happiness.

Try it!

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