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Is The Virgin Mary Too Holy For Me?

The feast of the immaculate heart of Mary this year was extra special. As I was meditating on my relationship with the Mother of Jesus, I realized that most of us are not as close to her as we would wish to be. We feel that Mary was too holy.


From all created beings, she was chosen by ABBA father to be His special daughter. She was chosen by the Jesus to be His mother. She was chosen by the Holyspirit to be His spouse. There has never been, and there will never be another woman like her.

Also, Mary was a simple girl, possibly 16 years old. She heard the voice of an angel and believed and accepted. She knew her life would change completely. She didnt consult anyone. She knew she could loose Joseph. She knew the voice was from God. She didnt have means to support the baby if Joseph left her. Her parents could have rejected her. She didnt wait to 'sleep over ' the decision. She was up for the calling.

Mary went through lots of challenges. Ladies, on your due date, someone asks you to use a donkey, to travel several miles! A friend told me about a man who took wife for check up, and on realising that the wife was expecting twins, he collapsed. Another, accompanied the wife to the delivery room, and the doctor's had to leave the mother to quickly resuscitate the husband who had collapsed. This young girl, did all this alone, in a cow shed.

She did not hate those who judged her pregnancy. She did not hate those who crucified son. She did not feel rejected when Jesus refused to see her during His Ministry.

Is she too perfect to be close to?

No. You see, her best friend, who stayed with her through out the passion of Jesus, was once possessed by seven demons before. But these two women, were brought together by the deep love for Jesus. They were from two different worlds, but all headed to the same direction. They were most faithful, and were willing to die for Jesus. These two women were there at the foot of the cross, when everyone else had run away, scared of death. These two women, were there during the burial of Jesus.

Mother Mary saw how Mary Magdalene loved Jesus. And that became a reason for deep friendship.

Through her calling and life experiences, we see that she was a very gentle obedient woman with a humble heart of steel, shown by her firm resolve to obey God.

Do you feel like you have done such bad things that she cannot accept you? Do you feel like you have made such bad decisions that you cannot be friends? Do you feel like your hearts desires and hers are like North and South? Do you feel like you are unworthy to be in her clique? Do you feel like you cannot imitate her, that it is way too difficult?

Remember, Mother Mary is a mother. In todays world, when a child becomes a drug addict, everyone rejects and judges them. But the mother, like Saint Monica prays, feeds, and cleans them, as long as she is alive. Yet, we are so imperfect. What about our Mother Mary? Who was the perfect Mother chosen by Abba, and Jesus, and Holyspirit? If she did not hate the pharisees, who crucified her son, why would she not accept you? And pray for you to be more holy? To be more perfect?

Are you a prodigal child, wandering in the desert, yet has refused to accept the love and help of our beloved Mother to lead you to Jesus?

Just let go of self judgement, invite her. And see what happens.

God bless you!

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